Thursday, September 16, 2010

Premanon week 3

Not a whole lot to report from here in Premanon. The days are really flying by now. Highlights include improved food, lots of hours in our rooms(we are required to be in them for 16+ hours per day for hypoxic effects), more fun rides, and even some downhill mountain biking!

Russell and the Jura countryside.

Yesterday, Thomas, Carsten, Christof, and I rode a cool mountain bike trail that descends down one of the local ski hills. It was complete with slimy roots and rocks, steeps, and lots of mud! Carsten, the leader of the altitude study, very generously let me borrow his old mountain bike, full-face helmet, and body armor.

Me, followed by Christof. Thanks for the video, Thomas!

There are a couple road races this weekend and a UCI Marathon(100km) mountain bike race. I'd like to do at least one of the events, but don't know which it will be yet. I'll report back after the weekend...

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