Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sun and sickness

The past two weeks have been a little less fun than I had hoped, being spring break and all. A while back I somehow got the bright idea of putting together a "big" ride in spirit of the spring classic races. Planning it for wednesday of finals weeks I figured it would be a nice way of escaping from my studying for a bit. A couple friends, Brian, Ben, Steve, Patrick and I ended up hammering each other into the ground for nearly 90 miles. One of the most fun rides ever, yes, but sure enough, the next day I could feel myself getting sick. Totally over-cooked it(or as Patrick said-burned it to a crisp!).

Full hammerfest ride data: here

Spring break gave me a lot of rest since all I could really do was try to sleep off my cold from hell. Finally, last weekend I could see the light at the end of the sickness tunnel and decided I would still race the Fort Ebey mountain bike race. I just couldn't resist. I knew the race would be a good one on fun dry trails. It didn't disappoint! I think everyone at the race had a great time. Sunshine and perfect conditions. Reminded me a little of my early days of mountain bike racing.

Next race up is Beezley Burn, but first I'm hoping to get out on some laid-back local rides this weekend. Whitney and I are even planning on riding Mt Constitution in the San Juan Islands if the weather cooperates. Never done the ride, but heard it is pretty amazing out there! Also of note for this coming weekend is the Ronde von Vlaanderen or Tour of Flanders race. In my opinion, the best one-day pro-cycling race of the year. Really looking forward to watching that one. Class started today so time will really start to fly and it will be summer before I know it.