Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Mountain Bike Sponsors

I am very excited to announce that my teammates Russell Stevenson and Aaron Mickels and I will be representing several really great companies in the 2011 season!

Noble Bikes are an engineering-focused bike company located in Seattle, Washington. They currently offer one bike, the F4, but more models are in the works, including a five-inch travel marathon racer, the F5. Suspension performance, high quality materials, and a very fine attention to detail best describe a Noble frame. The F4 is(as you may have guessed) a four-inch travel cross-country race frame that has been designed with an optimal balance of pedaling efficiency, suspension performance, handling rigidity, and light weight. Learn more about Noble Bikes at their website:

Magura brakes were revolution in the early days of mountain biking and they are still revolutionary today. Combining German precision-engineering with advanced materials and a wariness for the environment, they produce some very nice products. I am super excited to race with the Marta SL brakes and Durin Race 100mm fork!

American Classic has become an industry leader in hub and wheel designs with new innovative products being released every year. Everything they engineer is put through strict tests for strength, stiffness, and durability. Their tubeless mountain bike wheels feature wide rims that are unique in the way they hold the tire-beads so securely. These wheels recently won a 20-wheel shootout in the extremely-scientific German "Bike Magazine."

Kore has been building quality bicycle components since the late eighties. Their revolutionary I-Beam saddle-seatpost system is lightweight, strong, and very adjustable. Their handlebars and stems are used by some of the best riders in the world.

Schwalbe is one of the few bike companies who focus purely on tires. They put all of their efforts into designing some of the most advanced tires available. I am always impressed and amazed by their tires and have chosen to race on the Racing Ralphs and Nobby Nics for years. This year, I am excited to try out the Rocket Ron and Furious Fred as well!

Uvex is a German company that is well-known around the world for their safety glasses and goggles, and more recently for their sports eyewear and helmets. They make some of the lightest, safest, and coolest helmets around, as well as a full line of glasses. Their intelligent new Vario lenses are light-sensitive and change shade according to brightness.