Saturday, September 4, 2010

Premanon 4 and 5

The days are going by quickly as we have all gotten into more of a rhythm. Yesterday, I had my first VO2 max test. Never done one of these before and now I can see why people say they are so hard! I figure that since I have 7 more of these to do, I'll be pretty used to the pain by the time I fly home.

Looking down at Saint Claude.

I had the day off from testing today and I was able to get out on a longer ride. Rode on some really fun quiet roads out of Premanon down to Longchaumois, then dropped way down to Saint Claude. Out of Saint Claude I followed a bike path along the Bienne River Gorge, climbing gradually to Morbier and Morez. From there it was a quick, albeit tough, climb back up to Premanon.

A cool viaduct in Morbier.

Tomorrow is my first muscle biopsy and I'm not looking forward to it after seeing all the current victims limping around. Thankfully, we only have to do two of these throughout the whole study.


  1. Longchamois? Is that like knickers?

  2. You are riding in some amazing places.

  3. I heard about the muscle biopsies. Doesn't sound fun.