Friday, July 26, 2013

A vacation without bike racing

Yup, you heard right.  Whitney and I went on vacation and did NO bike racing.  The original plan was to race the High Cascades 100 mile mtb race and spend a week in Bend, Oregon.  After reinjuring my shoulder a month ago, I've been taking a break from riding and racing.  Fortunately, I am always distracted by other outdoor activities as is, so getting injured doesn't mean sitting on the bench.  I've been running and hiking a bunch and really enjoying the variety.  Vacation in Bend was a blast.

We did watch Rusty and Patrick race the HC100 in brutal 95 degree heat from a comfortable swimming hole at Lava Lake on the backside of Mt Bachelor.

I also climbed the South Sister volcano.  At 10,358 feet, it is the third tallest peak in Oregon.  I ran as much of it as I could and made a solid speed challenge of it. The views were out of this world.  Checkout my previous post for more photos.


  1. Cool! I haven't tried to climbed before, but with your experience it seems so interesting. Glad that you shared this one. I am really inspired.

  2. Great!!Nice adventure...I am glad to see this post.Thanks for sharing.

  3. WOW...It's great Experience...I really like that.Thanks for sharing