Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tour of Walla Walla 2012

Not a whole lot to report on last weekend's Tour of Walla Walla.  The weather was incredible.  80+ degree temperatures on saturday and sunday.  Really glad to have a bunch of margarita clif blocks with salt because of the abnormal heat.  I felt strong in every stage (road race, criterium, time trial, road race), but rode too conservatively.  There were 115 starters in the Pro 1-2 field, including a bunch of heavy hitters from around the northwest.  When it comes to road racing, I guess I just don't have the eye of the tiger like I do when I'm racing on dirt (or mud).

Whitney had a great weekend and made a dent in her Cat 3 upgrade points.
Walla Walla was still a lot of fun and a great block of training.  My most exciting moment was escaping a big crash on the last lap of the crit.  It happened at the front of the pack right in front of me, but I shot through the carnage like the millennium falcon out of the death star.  A dude fell so hard against me that my shifter was twisted in.  I don't know how that can even happen.  I'm sure glad I kept the rubber side down though.  My hairy mountain biker legs don't handle road rash like those smooth road racer legs do.

Next up is Beezley Burn in Ephrata.  Can't wait to get back on some dirt.

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