Monday, March 12, 2012

Tour de Dung quick recap

There was a medium sized turnout in the cat 1-2 race in Sequim last Saturday, with most of the usual suspects present and the notable return of Kenny Williams. First lap started out fast with the standard back to back attacks. I tail-gunned for a while and got a feel for road racing again before working my way to the front on lap two (of six). A strong-looking break of 6 dudes rolled away and had about a 15 second lead on the peloton. The pack eased up just as I was moving to the front, so I decided to carry my momentum into an attack. Nobody followed me and I was able to bridge to the break which I discovered contained some heavy-hitters; Morgan Schmitt, Logan Owen, Dave Richter, Mike Hone, Kyle Farrell, and Todd Galaher.

We held a narrow lead for the next two laps, until finally pulling away from the peloton a bit. On lap 5, Logan Owen had the bright idea of putting in a huge dig to get rid of Todd and Kyle (both fading at this point). I guess once Kyle returned to the peloton, his whole Garage team (they hosted the race) went to the front and started chasing since they no longer had a man in the break. A few miles to go on lap 6 it was game over as the five of us were caught by the pack. I was spent and soft-pedalled in, happy to get such a great workout. Logan Owen still almost won the field sprint. 16 year old man-child...

Thanks for the photo Amara!
Sequim's rain shadow reputation didn't disappoint, as the roads were dry and the sun even came out at times.  Whitney had an awesome race, placing 4th in the cat 4 women's race.  Looks like she will be upgrading in the near future!  Feels good to have the first road race of the year behind me.  I'm looking forward to some hills at Independence Valley in a couple weeks followed by the Fort Ebey Budu mtb race.


  1. Nice Bridge!

    And Logan Owen is nuts isn't he...?! How does he simply roll from cyclocross to the road back to cyclocross (repeat)?

  2. I have no idea how he does it. I don't know how anybody can do it that well, regardless of the fact that he is so young.