Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Orcas Island

Sunday was one of those rare days that really rekindles the road biking flame. Since coming back from Europe last fall, the roads here just haven't seemed very entertaining. Riding on Sunday, however, had that exciting feel of riding in a new and interesting place.

Whitney and I started the day by driving to Anacortes, where we parked the car and rode our bikes onto the San Juan Islands ferry. Our destination: Orcas Island. The Ferry ride was long and pleasant, with views of the islands and various birds and sea-creatures. Upon arrival to Orcas Island, we hopped on our bikes and began riding North, following roads through the countryside that twisted, turned, and rolled relentlessly. We found out early on that there is no such thing as easy riding on Orcas Island. Eventually, we made our way around the island to Moran State Park, where we climbed the very steep and very spectacular Mt Constitution. 2400ft and 10+ percent average.

On our return trip to the ferry, we stopped for some espresso and a panini at this hippyish little italian cafe. The ladies in there were super friendly and gave us free gelato for riding our bikes to the top of the mountain! The last segment of our ride took us onto Dolphin Bay road, which was unpaved for about 5 miles. Very steep dirt climbs were featured. Perfect for commemorating the Tour of Flanders, which took place the same day in Belgium. It was an amazing day! I really want to explore some of the other San Juan Islands now. Sorry for no pictures. Took a bunch on my phone, but the stupid thing won't let me transfer them to my computer for some reason...

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